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We pride ourselves on being one of Queensland’s best Senior Citizens Centre

We cordially encourage you to peruse our extensive range of services and center-based activities. Alternatively, you're welcome to visit our facility on Alamein Street, Beenleigh, where our friendly staff eagerly await the chance to engage with you.

We are eager to meet your requirements and invest the requisite time to comprehend the support you or your loved one may require. Our array of offerings spans an extensive repertoire of center-based activities, alongside in-home and community support services. With years of experience in delivering these indispensable services, we grasp better than most that each individual harbors distinct needs, interests, and capabilities.

What commenced as a modest Senior Citizens Center over three decades ago has evolved into a crucial pillar of support for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Our services foster independence, social integration, and overall well-being. We remain adaptable, molding our services and programs to fluidly accommodate the ever-evolving requisites of our community's seniors. We welcome both positive feedback and constructive insights.

Since its establishment in 1984, the Beenleigh & Districts Senior Citizens Centre has remained dedicated to comprehensive aged care initiatives.

These encompass a spectrum of services, including home care, respite care, fostering independent living at home while retaining choice and control, and above all, promoting active aging and social inclusivity among our esteemed members. Our center stands as a vibrant meeting place, welcoming up to a thousand seniors each week. Renowned as one of Queensland's premier Senior Citizens establishments, we possess both the financial backing and capacity to extend our services to aging individuals, those living with disabilities, and their devoted caregivers.

Our History


February 1964

Beenleigh And District Old Peoples’ Welfare Committee
is formed and monthly meetings begin.

May 1964

At an event at Beenleigh Show Hall 58 members sign up
and Beenleigh Senior Citizens Club came in to being.

July 1965

Our Club membership has doubled.

June 1966

Our Club’s membership continued to grow
so plans for a new location put in place.

October 1966

The Alberton School building was
purchased by the Club for $200


Qld Governor Sir Alan Ramsay opens up the new
building located between Kent and James Street

April 1967

Albertshire Council grant permission for
the lease of an area of land in Alamein
Street to build a brand new centre.

December 1976

June 1978

Plans for the new centre are created.

March 1983

Federal funding for the centre is approved but due to increasing costs there was a shortfall of over $165,000. It fell to the passionate senior citizens’ group to raise the required funds. Through donations, fund raising, art unions and a life membership campaign they managed it and…

October 1983

Building work commences

September 1984

The Beenleigh and Districts
Senior Citizens’ Centre is officially opened.


Our Respite Centre, the first in Queensland, opens.


September 1990

Tragedy strikes when a fire, deliberately lit, threatens the end of the Centre. But, as the smoke cleared, the community once again came to the Centre’s aid and with help from various government departments, local clubs and, of course, the members, the Centre was rebuilt better than ever.

1 July 2023

Our Centre is officially renamed Your Lifestyle Centre @Beenleigh and membership is opened up to the over 50s to reflect the changing needs and interests of our community and as we put plans in place to expand and improve our Centre in to the future. Our journey has only just begun.


We value your privacy and rights to dignity and respect. We are committed to understanding and respecting your desire to live the life you choose.

Our programs include a wide variety of centre-based activities, as well as in-home and community support services.

Our operations are overseen by the Beenleigh & Districts Senior Citizens Centre Management Committee—an annually elected, community-based group. Tasked with administration, an unwavering team of management and staff is at the forefront. Our commitment extends to cultivating robust bonds with the larger Beenleigh community, bolstered by the steadfast support of the Logan City Council. We recognise the significance of home and the cherished value of independence. In reality, even a modest level of support can significantly enhance quality of life.

Our array of offerings spans an extensive repertoire of center-based activities, alongside in-home and community support services. With years of experience in delivering these indispensable services, we grasp better than most that each individual harbors distinct needs, interests, and capabilities, while still upholding your privacy and dignified rights.


They go far beyond what one would expect. Excellent service!
“I cannot express my appreciation enough for YLC Beenleigh for the support they provide to my elderly parents. They ensure my parents feel important and supported especially that my father suffers from dementia and life can be very challenging.”
— Janice T.

Friendly and helpful staff.
“Friendly and helpful staff. Respite care is focused on making their guests comfortable and welcome. The centre is clean and well maintained”
— Blind Freddy

Excellent local community centre
“Local community centre with an excellent function room. Lots of parking, but maybe not quite enough for a big event.”
— Dave Lord

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