Provides treatments and foot care to older adults

Allied Health Services

Providing comprehensive foot support with our Podiatry specialists and therapists

A part of our Allied Health Services for Seniors is the treatment of medical conditions and issues that our residents and patients face with regards to their feet. Our team of Podiatrists are here to help with feet/heel pain, arthritis, and other diseases or illnesses that come with the discomfort and pains of aging. We hope to alleviate this pain in our seniors by providing them with a comprehensive support package that involves a team of professionals, who also want them to be as mobile and comfortable as possible.

Make it effortless to get the treatment you need to feel comfortable on your feet again

Our Podiatry Services are dedicated to providing specialised foot care and addressing the unique pediatric needs of older adults. We understand the importance of maintaining healthy feet and mobility as we age, and our podiatrists are committed to promoting foot health, preventing complications, and ensuring seniors can stay active, independent, and pain-free.


Empower seniors to manage and control their health autonomously

Everyone deserves to walk pain free on healthy feet.
Our team are trained to meet all the care you need . Contact Us today!


They go far beyond what one would expect. Excellent service!
“I cannot express my appreciation enough for YLC Beenleigh for the support they provide to my elderly parents. They ensure my parents feel important and supported especially that my father suffers from dementia and life can be very challenging.”
— Janice T.

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