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Home Care Packages Pricing

Our service rates, as of October 1st, 2023
Note: Weekday Hours are Mon – Fri between the hours of 6.00am and 6.00pm

Service Type Basis Weekday After Hours Saturday Sunday Public Holidays
Enrolled Nurse Per hr $140 $152 $183 $204 $225
Per ½ hr $84 $100 $120 $135 $148
Registered Nurse Per hr $160 $173 $208 $230 $253
Per ½ hr $96 $114 $137 $151 $167
Medication Prompt Per ¼ hr $40 -- -- -- --
Medication Administration (Registered or Enrolled Nurse) Per ¼ hr $55 $65 $75 $85 $95
Personal Care Per hr $68 $75 $95 $107 $119
Per ½ hr $48 $54 $72 $84 $96
Domestic Assistance Per hr $68 $75 $95 $107 $119
Per ½ hr $48 $54 $72 $84 $96
Social Support Individual Per hr $72 $78 $95 $107 $119
Per ½ hr $54 $60 $78 $90 $102
Respite- In Home Per hr $68 $75 $95 $107 $119
Per ½ hr $48 $54 $72 $84 $96
Social Support Group- In Centre Per hr $145 - - - -
With Transport to & from Centre $165 - - - -
Social Support Group- In Centre Per Day $145 - - - -
With Transport to & from Centre $165 - - - -
Podiatry – In Centre Per Visit $84 - - - -
Podiatry – In Home Per Visit $108 - - - -
Physiotherapy – In Centre (First Visit) Per Visit $110 - - - -
Physiotherapy – In Centre (Return Visit) Per Visit $90 - - - -
Physiotherapy – In Home (First Visit) Per Visit $130 - - - -
Physiotherapy – In Home (Return Visit) Per Visit $120 - - - -
Hydrotherapy Per Session $92 - - - -
Meal Preparation & Delivery (70%) Per Meal $10.50
Meal – Raw Food Cost (30%) Per Meal $4.50
Transport Per Kms $1.80
Home Maintenance Per Quote
Home Modifications Per Quote
Gardening (lawn mowing & light gardening) Per Visit $80

At Your Lifestyle Centre @Beenleigh, we have a transparent fee structure, so you know exactly what your charges are for and have no unexpected extra costs.

When considering a Home Care Package service, it is important to understand all costs involved. The minimum visit scheduled will be 30 minutes (excluding medication administering and prompting) and the scheduled visit time will be charged unless circumstances beyond the client’s control cause this to be shortened, or the client requires the staff member to stay longer. In both these circumstances the actual time will be charged. Please note that fees and charges may be updated periodically to reflect changes in the costs of delivering services. You will be given reasonable notice of any changes to the fee schedule.

Package Management Fee – This fee is calculated at 12% of your Home Care Package subsidy

Package management fees cover the costs for the ongoing management for the administration of your package including package budget preparation, monthly statements, communications reconciling funding, fees, and subsidies, arranging brokered services and goods and equipment purchases, rostering and scheduling, information technology and data security inclusive of government reporting and compliance to meet Government Guidelines for Home Care Packages.

• Level 1:           $3.40
• Level 2:          $5.95
• Level 3:          $12.90
• Level 4:          $19.60

Care Management Fee - This fee is calculated at 18% of your Home Care Package subsidy

Care management provides you with support for the ongoing management of your Home Care Package. Your Lifestyle Centre @Beenleigh Package Partner works with you, providing dedicated support to assist you to live your life your way. We ensure that you receive the services you choose to best meet your individual needs. Our involvement is focused on regular connection and service planning aligned with your goals. This may include specific assessment, restorative health care planning, enabling risk assessments and management of Home Care Package Funding and budgets.

• Level 1:            $5.06
• Level 2:            $8.90
• Level 3:            $19.40
• Level 4:            $29.40

Cancellation Terms

It is your responsibility to notify us if you are not available for a scheduled visit. If you need to cancel an appointment, please let us know 24hrs before at the latest. If you cancel later than 24hrs before we will need to charge the full visit fee to the package even if you do not receive a service. We understand, however, that there may be circumstances when you cannot contact us within this timeframe for example following hospitalisation. Under these circumstances we would not charge you for a cancelled visit.

• Subject to cancellation terms

Our dedicated care professionals will work closely with you and your loved ones to create a customised care plan that addresses your unique needs, preferences, and goals.

Take the Next Step

If you are a caregiver needing respite or an individual seeking a welcoming and supportive environment, our Centre-Based Respite Services are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our programs, services and how we can support you in caring for yourself and your loved ones.


They go far beyond what one would expect. Excellent service!
“I cannot express my appreciation enough for YLC Beenleigh for the support they provide to my elderly parents. They ensure my parents feel important and supported especially that my father suffers from dementia and life can be very challenging.”
— Janice T.

Friendly and helpful staff.
“Friendly and helpful staff. Respite care is focused on making their guests comfortable and welcome. The centre is clean and well maintained”
— Blind Freddy

Excellent local community centre
“Local community centre with an excellent function room. Lots of parking, but maybe not quite enough for a big event.”
— Dave Lord

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